Art and how it found me

In the second semester of my first year at Agnes Scott I went on a very transformative weeklong trip to New York city. I was going with Studio Art and Art History students with the intention to further understand the art world in the most creative and densely populated city in the United States. I […]

Yale Norfolk Summer :The Summer I decided that I was truly an Artist

The Summer I decided that I was truly an Artist  The end of my first semester of my Junior year, I received an email from the head of the Art department Anne Biedler asking me if I would be interested in studying at Yale for the summer. The email was a forward from the Yale […]

My Artist Talk Experience- Thomas Hart Benton

My approach when preparing for my artist talk was very sporadic and I didn’t really know what I should be doing. I have never given an artist talk before, and if I am being honest I put most of my research and preparation time till the last minute. I did generally research on my art...

Digital Artist Talk run through: Tuesday 31 November

Tuesday 31 November, 2017 For Today’s class I would say that I was a little distracted and unprepared, but I went on anyway. For one, it’s Halloween and I have fun plans and I could not  wait to get my day over with to start those plans! But anyway, Today everyone in class gave a...

The Edge of Printmaking: In conversation with Anne Biedler

I would consider Nell’s crash course in Printmaking last week was a prelude to this past Thursday’s class. For this class, we met in are usual classroom and had a little briefing with Nell about having our blog post uploaded to our sites. As usual I was pretty eager and vocal about her looking at...