Final Composition Evaluation

Final Composition Progress/Inspiration

Mixed Media Critique

Mixed Media Inspiration

For the mixed media composition, I decided on a space theme. The first three pieces are going to be based off of my research into star formation, depicting the star-forming region W49A in different ways. I want it to include the scientific data in an artistic way so I will include key terms from the publication as text overlayed on an image of the region. I want to use tissue paper to reconstruct the VLA radio image with a purple background and yellow bright regions, complementing each other. I also want to do a purely artistic image that doesn’t use scientific data so I want to do a watercolor of a visual spectrum image. For the last one, I want draw W49A with charcoal and pencil using the publication as a background. The VLA data images I will use as inspiration for the first piece. The visual spectrum image used as inspiration for the watercolor piece. The second set of pieces will still include a space theme, but with a different topic: moon phases. The first one will be a waxing crescent with a rose bud indicating the beginning. The third will be a waning crescent with a wilting rose indicating death. The middle one will be the full moon signifying life. Together, they are the cycle of life and moon. Rose bud image for the inspiration for the first piece. The full moon for the second piece. The wilting rose for the last piece.

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