All of these images show Color in different ways. Color is around us everyday and it often can make things more noticeable. When I see color I tend to gravitate... Read more >

Window — looking in or looking at?

Inside looking at what could be? Or outside looking at what is, or what you think is?

Mouth watering good

When you think of good food I am sure your mouth begins to water. I come from such a diverse background and family history. Food is a way for me dive into learning about myself and getting to know my culture. I am food and food is me.

Paint Processes – Self Portait

The second painting we are doing is an expressionist style painting of our selves. Using the things I learned last project I hope to make this project a little less painful. 1. Plan, plan, plan the painting.      I took a picture of me on my phone and manipulated the photo using various filters so I could bring out the

Blind contour portraits

In my first attempt for a blind contour self portrait, I had the continuous line but I could not stop my self from peeking at the paper. So I stopped because I was getting a bit frustrated. The next day, … Continue reading