Final Presentation

Since I don’t like embedding a downloaded version of slides, I just screenshot each slide with a short explanation. A outline of my presentation. My Initial Sketch I always have this idea of using different kinds of media and materials to discuss the relationship between people and emerging technologies. Initially, my idea of creating a…
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Invitation for Table Installation

When I first started my project, I had this notion of virtual connection. People love talking to other online.  Your actual words are coded and transferred to others via cables. Thus, I have this idea of writing down my invitation and hang it on the connecting string in my artwork. Two versions were videotaped. One…
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Code a Movie using Math

I use POV-ray and vector spaces, Bezier Curvesto to create each object, background, and calculate the movement of objects and even camera view changes.  Here is the slides include more details of background design and technical details.Download