Final project

For my final project I used the six pages to create a short story book of a cat and a cardinal. Take a look! ...

Student Art Exhibition and Ice Cream Social at Agnes!

I had the pleasure of attending the art exhibit today at Agnes Scott College in the Dana Fine art gallery! There was work by some awesome Scotties on display, but my favorite was a series of...

Mixed Media Drawing Progress

The current project for ART160 involves taking a snapshot of our room (or another place where we spend a lot of t...

Off campus art exhibit: Jordan Casteel

While home on spring break, I decided to make a trip to the Denver Art Museum to see an exhibit of works by Jordan Casteel, an up-and-coming artist in the world of portraiture. I was especially excited to see her … Continue reading

Art21: a Reflection on Julie Mehretu

When choosing what artist I wanted to analyze for this post, I scrolled through the list of artists on the Art21 website, Googling the names of the artists whose bios sounded interesting to me. I stopped when I reached Julie … Continue reading