process log week three

This week our class visited the Atlanta Contemporary to discuss the different roles in contemporary art with Kojo Griffin, a resident artist, Veronica Kessenich, the Executive Director and Daniel Fuller, the Curator. While talking with Kojo we learned more about how a working artist looks at curating and showing art. With Veronica and Daniel we […]

Process Log #3

On Tuesday, we listened to some of the classmate’s ideas for their collection project. On Thursday, I learned what it takes to make a gallery, especially in your own home, by going to Whitespace. I did not know about the certain temperature that the atmosphere needed to be in. I…

process log week two

This week our class visited the Whitespace Gallery to discuss curating art in a less mainstream location with the gallery’s director and owner, Susan Bridges. While talking with Susan Bridges we learned more about the ways into art exhibition and how curating looks from a gallery’s perspective as well as discussing how different roles work within […]

Collection Project Post #1

Out of the six ideas that I can’t choose between, I seemed to go the furthest with my first idea– the idea of warmth, both physical and emotional. Where do you feel it? Internally? Externally? Both? Have you ever seen it? These are the pictures that I may add, but for right…

Process Log #2

Last Tuesday, we met with Casey Long, and she helped us find ways in which to look up our artists and their works for our visual analysis projects. I know I will use this in the future, because these websites will go further than just this course. I learned about…