Mini Project – Art 260

One Day Mini-Project Select a topic Work for an hour Track your work (how?) Observe/reflect on your hour of work (how do you show?) Write…

Class Notes 8/31, 9/5

      On Thursday, we had Katherine Smith, an esteemed member of Agnes faculty and an art historian currently working on the final stages of her book on Claes Oldenburg, show us some insight into the process of her methodology. This was an inspirational experience for me, as I often find myself somehow both…

art 260 collection project reflection

What did I do? Coming in this course I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was only my second official art history course and I wasn’t exactly great at the first one. Throughout this course and semester I have been trying to come to terms with my major. That sounds a lot more serious that […]


Final Reflection: Collection Project and Art 260 Course The question “What did you do?” in regards to this class begins at the end of last semester. I got into the Summer Academy at the High Museum, and I learned so.....

Collection Powerpoint