Art21: a Reflection on Julie Mehretu

When choosing what artist I wanted to analyze for this post, I scrolled through the list of artists on the Art21 website, Googling the names of the artists whose bios sounded interesting to me. I stopped when I reached Julie … Continue reading

Critique 2: Midterm Project

For the midterm project we were challenged to create a large piece that pulled together various objects from around the room through a sectioning of the paper. Below are pictures of this large piece, as well as a smaller prototype … Continue reading

Critique 1: 6 small drawings

For our first crit in Art 160, we had to do six small drawings from a still life at the center of the classroom. We were encouraged to move around, and given certain criteria for how we could or could … Continue reading

Blog Post Nine: Final Project Self Evaluation and Class Progress

My final project is entitled “The View from the Night.” It contains six pieces, created with a multitude of mediums, of views of the night sky. I chose the subject matter of each individual work based off of several quotes which I found detailing different author’s perspectives of the night (see below). Overall, I was …

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Blog Post Eleven: Off Campus Visit to Whitespace Gallery

Whitespace Gallery’s recent exhibition of the works of Pete Schulte contained a series of interesting and seemingly unassuming paintings. At first glance, they looked like relatively simple works, made with black and white mediums, and displaying easy geometric shapes such as rectangles, circles and arches. However, on closer examination of the works, it was revealed …

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