Off campus art exhibit: Jordan Casteel

While home on spring break, I decided to make a trip to the Denver Art Museum to see an exhibit of works by Jordan Casteel, an up-and-coming artist in the world of portraiture. I was especially excited to see her … Continue reading

Art21: a Reflection on Julie Mehretu

When choosing what artist I wanted to analyze for this post, I scrolled through the list of artists on the Art21 website, Googling the names of the artists whose bios sounded interesting to me. I stopped when I reached Julie … Continue reading

Critique 2: Midterm Project

For the midterm project we were challenged to create a large piece that pulled together various objects from around the room through a sectioning of the paper. Below are pictures of this large piece, as well as a smaller prototype … Continue reading

Critique 1: 6 small drawings

For our first crit in Art 160, we had to do six small drawings from a still life at the center of the classroom. We were encouraged to move around, and given certain criteria for how we could or could … Continue reading

Blog Post Nine: Final Project Self Evaluation and Class Progress

My final project is entitled “The View from the Night.” It contains six pieces, created with a multitude of mediums, of views of the night sky. I chose the subject matter of each individual work based off of several quotes which I found detailing different author’s perspectives of the night (see below). Overall, I was …

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