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Post 11: Off Campus Event

For my off campus event I visited the High museum and observed the work of Ashley Bryan. His work was very colorful, colorful, and simplistic. They stood out for me from other exhibitions I’ve seen because the nature of his work is reminds me of art that is found in children books about animals or in books about African/American folktales. His art is one that can be understood by not…


Post 10: On Campus Art Event

For my  on campus art event, I observed the artists respond to climate change display in Dana on the first floor. What I found interesting about many of the displays that I first say was that many of them were nature focused instead of animal or people focused. Many of the displays showed the unsettling effects of climate change on nature. Without context, the pieces on display look very beautiful…


Post 9: Final Critique

For my final art project, I created a sculpture that is meant to represent my interpretation of night. Each side of the box is meant to show a side of night while the inside is meant to represent the sky as it darkens in the evening. The side with the fences is meant to symbolize night in the country side, where there are mainly fields and fences that line the…


Blog Post #8: Progression of Sculpture

  Currently, I have all of the sides of my rectangle cut out and a plan for how to proceed to finish my sculpture. I haven’t had much difficulty executing my plans. However, the aspect of the project that has set me back is time. I haven’t had enough time due to my other class obligations to have a day, besides class, to focus on my project. If I did,…


Blog Post #7: Grid Project Critique

My goal for the grid project was to make each square different from each other, but I wanted to connect them with the . I wanted each square to contrast with the squares next to them in some way. So, I tried to emulate a different style or technique in each square, but there was little reason for why I picked a style for one square and not the other.…