I, Poor Monster (Whole Page Type Assignment)

It’s no secret that I love Twelfth Night. It’s all I can talk about sometimes. I carried around a copy from the ages of 7 to 9. I loved the Mulan type story of a woman disguising herself as a man (spoiler alert: it’s because I’m nonbinary) and the humorous subplot. I learned the monologue … Continue reading I, Poor Monster (Whole Page Type Assignment)

Say Trees?

So um, my Aboretorium artwork was definitely the most basic thing I’ve ever done. Not basic like simple but Basic like Ugg Boots and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Let me preface this by saying I do not use snapchat on the regular. It is full of high school friends who do not know I am gay, … Continue reading Say Trees?

Silence is So Loud

Last year I was walking back to Winship after a particularly invigorating Intro to Queer Studies class when I saw three middle aged men arguing over a map in German. I understand German but I don’t really speak it, but I could get my point across. They kept speaking about a park, some sort of … Continue reading Silence is So Loud

Blind Contour

Man, I can’t trust myself. I’ve written earlier about how my confidence in art is not 100%, and how it’s not precisely my forte. But doing blind contours makes me realize how detrimental this is to my creative process. I wanted my hands to look like hands, I kept looking over, constantly checking up on … Continue reading Blind Contour

Thank You Chairy Much

I love my chair. I really do. It is very jumpy and move-y but it’s part of its charm. I’m going to go in early today and access the psd version of this and make the frames a scosche slower and leave the last frame longer, as that’s what my classmates recommended. All in all, … Continue reading Thank You Chairy Much