communication plan

Projects portal? how to best tell people about the ideas of anything? Can we revitalize profile for 21c education? Can it be faculty and student driven? (not just for students?) can we combine/tag and categorize news so people can see what is relevant to them? Is this something for portal? For CDVL, what about making […]

2nd year award

Can president make a second year award for best portfolio use? Can it be a prestiguous presidential award? Or form the Gue’s leadership/global institutes? (one from each?)

design jam

Can we get students from tech and grad students to show undergrads their projects? Host a design jam at asc (dcenter?) bring in guest speaker a band? make this a summer course? avoid yes/no question, move to how

Ideas for envisioning Dcenter future

combine: etc/its/cdvl ctl?

PAR: add risk?

Can we add a category to PAR that includes “stuff I’ve tried” digital/ technological (akin to new teaching methods–maybe augment teaching methods to include new digital/tech?