Weekly Reflection 7/01/16

We’re just about halfway done with the summer now! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been a month and we’re already beginning to prepare for the end of the program. This entails a big write up of all of the things we’ve done so far, which is still incomplete at 11 pages. The plan at the […]

Weekly Reflection 6/24/16

It’s the end of week three! Kayleigh and I had a conversation this week with Dr. Bayless about the difficulties of quoting or citing conversations with people in our blogs. The gist of what she said was that we can’t possibly remember conversations verbatim, and that could lead to offense or communication issues. Although she wasn’t […]

Weekly Reflection 6/17/16

Welcome to week two! This week I met with Dr. Bayless to discuss the proofs that  were to be included in the Beamer from 6/15. We started our meeting by discussing my plans going forward for this summer. When Kayleigh and I gave our first Beamer presentation on 6/8, I had mentioned to Dr. Bayless that […]

Your Research Questions

What do we need to research in more depth? Goethe’s Italian Journey covers a lot of ground. Not only literally in terms of the miles he travels from Carlsbad to Rome but also metaphorically in terms of his frequent references to geology, culture, and history, to name a few. In order to build our web application,... Read more »