Slit Lips: Bearing Witness to the Rape of Palestine

The mere act of writing is a subversive action. Whether it is writing that critiques the political environment, the social strata, or the reimagining of a better world, writing challenges the conceptions and notions of the people reading it. Poetry, in the shortness of its length and the frugality of the author’s words, is an...

The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Changez as the Modern Jannissary

Changez is a complex character, whose particular idiosyncrasies make him contradictory at points within The Reluctant Fundamentalist. For example, he proclaims love for America, but then confesses he felt joy at the fall of the Twin Towers. It is a strange thing to find such stark disparities in one person. But this is all characteristic...


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First Experience with Ableism

I first started experiencing my disability at the end of high school. It started out with some dizzy spells, where I would feel fuzzy and light headed. Then it progressed […]

Honor Code Ceremony

I don’t think that I had heard about the honor code when I toured Agnes Scott College. So it came as a shock when orientation came around and then we […]